Glasses frames for a trapezoidal face shap

Glasses are not only a visual aid, but also a fashionable accessory. So the question naturally arises: which glasses fit a trapezoidal face shape?

The trapezoidal face is relatively broad in the jaw area and becomes thinner towards the top. Usually, the cheeks are somewhat thicker and softer. The forehead usually appears quite narrow.

Trapezoidal face shape with glasses
Trapezoidal face shape with glasses

Since the face tends to "slide down", it is advisable to set a horizontal anchor point with the glasses. When the frame is emphasized at the top, the face appears wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

Full rim, half-rimmed or rimless glasses?

For eyewear design, the designers are very creative: eyeglasses can be made from very different materials (plastic, metal, horn, wood, etc.). The shapes are also very varied. There are basically three types of spectacles: full rim, half rim and rimless spectacles. Full rim frames are "classic" and "like real eyeglasses"because they are most reminiscent of the original frames. It was only through modern production processes that parts of the glass border could become thinner and thinner and eventually disappear completely. they are relatively heavy. The following points must be taken into account when choosing glasses:

Eye distance

Seen from the front, the glasses should be about as wide as the face, i. e. they should end above the cheekbones to the right and left.

Wideness of glasses
Wideness of glasses

But of course there are exceptions: Nickel glasses or glasses with round lenses should be slightly smaller. On the other hand, retro glasses such as butterfly glasses are often much wider. This special shape is not disturbing, but extravagant and fashionable.

Eye distance

Some people's eyes are relatively wide apart, others rather close together. With glasses you can "harmonize"the interpupillary distance.

Eye Distance - What glasses frame?
Eye Distance - What glasses frames?

In general: the wider the distance between the eyes, the stronger the bridge between the eyes. And the closer the eyes are to each other, the stronger the outer part of the frame and the stronger the temples.

Face Shape Guide for Glasses (Infographic)

Here you can find a lovely infografic with the face shape guide as an infographic (frames for women)

Face Shape Guide for Glasses
Face Shape Guide for Glasses
(infographic CC-BY
Martin Missfeldt,

Individual is better

Of course, no one has an average face. Of course individual is better. If you don't find yourself in one of the five cases: it doesn't matter. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines. For soft, round faces straight edges act harmoniously and give more firmness and dynamics. For angular, bony faces the situation is the oppisite: soft, rounded shapes gives more feminine harmony.

Woman glasses for my face
How to find the right glasses for womans face?