About ...

Hi my name is Martin and I am artist and author, see my artist-hompage / Kunst-Homepage (german). My goal is to create pictures and / or to explain content in a clear and simple way.

For this I create some infographics and web-projects. Please click here to see the actual infographic "How Google Glass works".

Beside my german website "Brillen & Sehhilfen", where "glasses" are focused, I work on a project called "sehtestbilder.de". This is about visual eye tests and optical illusions. Since more than 20 years I paint picture that looks like visual eye tests. The whole project is only in german. Please try a translation machine to read more.

Infographic "Creative Commons"

Infographic Creative Commons

I made some other infografics, but only for german. But I hope you understand it anyway.

Infographic about "What is creative commons?" (german). It shows in a simple way why creative commons is a great concept. But it doen't mean "without condition". Usually you have to mention the author, and most times there are other points to think about.

If anybody wants to share an english version please tell me and I will translate it. This is part of the projects "bildersuche.org", a website about "image search" today. The Internet opens a lot of new ways for searching for images. Great possibilities ....

Infographic about Stockphotos

On this project I published an infographic on "license free images and stockphoto services". License free does not mean "free of charge". The infographic shows some stockphoto services and their conditions. Here again: if somebody wants to share an english version please tell me :-)

Other webprojects

I paint a lot of digital stuff, and sometimes I record the painting process. Please find here my "speedpainting-videos" on youtube. I rendered out most vidos in HD-quality, you can find them on this channel. Because many people asked me for tutorials and infos about the way I paint digital I made a project about "Digital painting", called "Zeichnen am PC". I realize my infographics with Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos graphic tablet.

As a fan of fine pictures I love stamps. On this page I offer an overwiew on german stamps including high-resolution pictures. It is a really new look on stamps. See German-Stamps.com

I offer my services with my company DUPLICON.